v. 20 – 2018 – Day Two – Oct 5

Exhibition Reception

  • Robert Szkolnicki (MB) | Visualizing a Sound Festival
171 McDermot Ave.
Free | 5:00–7:00 PM

Evening Concert

  • Bret Parenteau (MB)
  • gmackrr (FR/QC)
  • Keith Fullerton Whitman (US/AU)
Asper Centre for Theatre & Film
400 Colony St.
$15 | Doors: 7:30 PM | Concert: 8:00 PM

Exhibition Reception

Visualizing a Sound Festival | Robert Szkolnicki (MB)
Join us on First Friday at Forth to bask in some of the beautiful images of past editions of send + receive captured by Robert Szkolnicki. The artist will be in attendance!

Over the past ten years, Robert Szkolnicki has been diligently photographing all of the events at send + receive. What began as a hobby born out of personal interest has steadily developed into a long-standing commitment to the festival. His beautiful images have become the core of our visual archive, and we are so grateful for his care and dedication. His generosity not only to send + receive but also to all of the artists who have been a part of the festival is invaluable.

For this exhibition Szkolnicki has selected of some of his favourite images through the years. These beautiful portraits give a peek into the breadth and individuality of the artists who have travelled from across Canada and around the world to perform, exhibit and discuss their work at send + receive over the last decade.

Stunning and memorable, these images celebrate the uniqueness of each artist as well as the distinct eye of the man behind the camera.

Special thanks to Gallery Lacosse for the generous sponsorship and framing support. Presented in Partnership with Forth.

Evening Concert

Bret Parenteau (MB)
Winnipeg-based artist Bret Parenteau performs and releases work most often under the moniker B.P. As the founder of the label Male Activity, Parenteau supports the work of a broad range of experimental artists and projects, including his own. Taking influence from musique concréte and minimal industrial and power electronics, his performance at send + receive will be built around recordings made in the various skywalk spaces of Winnipeg. Something common and familiar for locals, these seemingly unremarkable spaces have distinct sonic identities, which will be transformed by Parenteau into something new and compelling.
gmackrr (FR/QC)
gmackrr (FR/QC) is French artist Émilie Mouchous. Mouchous builds her homemade synthesizers as a tribute to old logic circuits from the 1970s. By adding analog components and tactile interfaces, she explores mixed-media archaeology, the schematic as score, and the idea that the instrument is alive, an improvising partner to play with. Elements such as radio signals/broadcast aesthetics also recur in her work. gmackrr makes surprising, quirky and surreal music that is rooted in a deep relationship with her instruments and the uniquely peculiar unpredictability of their circuits.
Keith Fullerton Whitman (US/AU)
Keith Fullerton Whitman is an American artist now residing in Melbourne, Australia. For his performance, he will present a multi-channel piece as part of his ongoing Redaction series, which merges computer music with various analogue/digital modular synthesizer systems.

The Redactions (2015–) constitute an ongoing exploration of ideas surrounding the extraction of “peaks,” or “transients,” from geographically and thematically relevant audio materials given a particular realization or performance. The outcome can take any stylistic form, from classic musique concrète to polyrhythmic chaos and solemn, minimalism-inspired canons.